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Welcome to AMEC Consultancy

Welcome to AMEC Consultancy, an advisory business with a difference focused on Agriculture, Landed Estates, Agribusiness, Property, Food and Drink sectors.

I would like to say welcome to my new business website.  This for me is an exciting stage of my journey moving from Corporate life to the whole new world of self employment. 

Why now - Quite simply I wanted to re-balance the scales of Work and Life together with getting back to working with clients and industries I am passionate about.

Why AMEC Consultancy - this for me is exciting, as a business advisor, I have been advising clients for years on starting up, growing and investing in businesses.  But, the reality is I have never done it myself.  So it is now very much practice what I have been preaching.  You certainly look at all aspects of your business knowing that you no longer have the comfort of a regular salary cheque going into the account at the end of the month !

What is my strategic aim - it is to build a sustainable business for myself and my clients, to be that trusted advisor, to be their when I am needed and navigate through the uncertainties which we all face in the future.  I want to build long term relationships, so clients are much more than just compliance or advisory work.  I also want to have the opportunity to give something back and supporting the next generation and new businesses flourish.  This at the end of the day is the life blood of business for the long term.

Exciting times - While I think Agriculture and food industry is facing significant uncertainty in the coming months.  I also think we have some huge opportunities in leading the way in building a better future. Through leveraging off our high food and welfare standards, innovation and international renowned reputation, we will be able to build our industry.  However, there may well be challenges to overcome as we move through the disruption of new systems, controls and processes of what was previously described as "frictionless borders".

I would like to say thank you for all the support I have received so far, it has been very much appreciated

Thank you for visiting my website and looking forward to the future.